Lehigh Valley Dance Exchange hosts:

Choreography Commissions


As part of our commitment to energizing the professional dance community in the Lehigh Valley, LVDE hosts open call auditions for dancers to perform commissioned choreographer's work.  Check back to learn about future opportunites with guest artists.


Choreographer Archive:

Sarah Parker / Masquerade
Performed: March 24, 2012

Sarah Parker, artistic director of Evolve Productions, set a version of her sultry “Masquerade” on 5 Lehigh Valley based dancers for performance at the LVDE Cabaret Nights at Touchstone Theater in March 24. 

For more info on Sarah Parker/Evolve Productions:

Keith Thompson / rekindled
Performed: March 29, 2014

Lehigh Valley Dance Exchange has commissioned Keith Thompson and his company ‘danceTactics performance group’ to set a repertory work on Lehigh Valley based dancers. Keith’s impressive career includes performing internationally with Tricia Brown from 1992-2001. In 2006, he formed his own company and his work has been presented at festivals throughout the US and abroad.

For more info on Keith Thompson / danceTactics:

Sarah Carlson / The Cloud of Unknowing
Performed: September 25 - 26, 2015

A new work created under the direction of Sarah Carlson, set to Robert Kyr's "The Cloud of Unknowing". The score explores the relationship between human & divine love and has been described as, "hauntingly beautiful".  The creative process would unpack the idea of "unknowing" both in terms of spirituality but also in terms of our human condition.

For more info on Sarah Carlson: http://www.scdancelink.org/Dancelink/About_Sarah.html

Antonio Brown / Unmixed
Performed: March 7, 2015

Lehigh Valley Dance Exchange has commissioned NYC based artist Antonio Brown to set a repertory work on Lehigh Valley based dancers. We are thrilled to facilitate this opportunity for our community to work with another of the dance industries bold, cutting edge, and inspiring dancer/choreographer's.

For more info on Antonio Brown: https://newyorklivearts.org/artist/antonio-brown/

Kathleen Nasti / Good Girl
Performed: April 7, 2018

A LVDE community commission performed by a cast comprised of 6, Lehigh Valley based mixed generation women for the SpringUP Dance Festival. Good Girl is a theatrical glimpse into fulfilling roles as women, whether perceived or self-imposed. What do we learn from each other? What do we leave as our legacy? To the music of "When You’re Smiling" written by Larry Shay, Mark Fisher, and Joe Goodwin and performed by Louis Armstrong. https://www.katnasti.com/

Pina Bausch Foundation / NELKIN - Line Project (Lehigh Valley)
Performed: March 11, 2018

A dance collaboration between: Tracks // Where will dance take you?; Lehigh Valley Dance Exchange, and Cedar Crest College.

Re -staged by : Kathleen Nasti
Filmed and Edited by H. Ben Reed

Thanks to the Pina Bausch Foundation for allowing the rights to this work for this project.
The film can be seen on the Pina Bausch NELKEN-Line Website:

Enter Demeter / Alyce Finwall
Performed: March 25, 2011

In January 2011, the Lehigh Valley Dance Exchange invited San Francisco choreographer Alyce Finwall, founder and director of Alyce Finwall Dance Theater, to set her work, Enter Demeter, on a select group of Lehigh Valley dancers.

Finwall restaged the work during a four-day residency at Cedar Crest College January 14-17. Sponsored by a Lehigh Valley Arts Council Project Stream Grant and the Cedar Crest College Cultural Programs Committee along with support from the Cedar Crest College dance department, Enter Demeter will be performed during the college’s Women as Guardians of Culture event March 24/25, 2011.

Enter Demeter explores humanity within the struggle between life and death through the physical manifestation of nine women in a restricted arena.  The entirety of the stage becomes the anointed ground in which these women are enclosed and in which they struggle for autonomy, civility and significance within an often fragile and volatile environment where nothing is to be taken for granted. Enter Demeter opposes woman against woman, while also showing the cooperative traits that are imperative to women's existence.   With an original composition by Jason Hoopes for strings, voice and breast pump, the dance showcases the beauty, clarity, value and strength of women through the interrogation of all human values.   The piece takes inspiration from "The Voyage" by Eduardo Galeano and Faith Wilding's poem "Waiting", which was part of the performance program of Womanhouse, the seminal feminist art installation that took place in Hollywood in 1972.  Enter Demeter has been performed to rave reviews at several venues in San Francisco and made its New York debut during the summer of 2010 at Dixon Place.

The Lehigh Valley cast performed Enter Demeter at Cedar Crest College on Friday, March 25th as part of the the college’s programming for Women’s History Month.

The Waiting Game / Sarah Carlson, Alyce Finwall
Performed:Sept 30 - Oct 1, 2011

"The Waiting Game", an exploration of women's issues through contemporary dance, was performed in its world premiere, Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, at 8pm at the Bethlehem Ice House. Choreographers Sarah Carlson and Alyce Finwall created all-female dance works sharing a common source of inspiration: Faith Wilding's iconic feminist poem "Waiting."

“Wilding’s poetry underscores an existential angst that we all share,” Carlson says. “Even while we are engaged in active living, we are always waiting, hoping, dreaming about what will come next.”

As it turns out, exactly what we envision for the future has a lot to do with our gender. 

“The Waiting Game” was a co-production of DANCELINK and the Lehigh Valley Dance Exchange, two Lehigh Valley-based dance organizations whose shared mission is to promote dance and dance opportunities in the Lehigh Valley community.

Where: Sand Island Ice House, 56 River St. Bethlehem, PA

For more info on Sarah Carlson/DANCELINK: www.sarahcarlson-dancelink.org

For more info on Alyce Finwall Dance Theater: www.afdancetheater.org

Synapse / Shana Simmons
Performed: March 24, 2012

Select dancers performed a choreography commission with Pittsburgh based choreographer, Shana Simmons.  Shana Simmon's work, 'Synapse' was performed on March 24th at LVDE Presents, Cabaret Nights held at the Touchstone Theater in Bethlehem, Pa.

Please read more about Shana Simmons: