Fusion: (inter) [re]action | Brenna Mateljan (Jan. 2013)

Fusion: (inter) [re]action
Saturday, January 12, 2013

By Brenna Mateljan

With a New Year comes new opportunities for dance in the Lehigh Valley! Fusion Dance Company, a Lehigh Valley-based contemporary dance collective filled Foy Hall for their concert entitled (inter) [re]action. Sixteen pieces were offered; each with their own unique purpose.

Artistic Director, Alexandra Reekie choose to begin the concert with an attention grabbing quartet choreographed by Morgan Chambers. The piece entitled Just a phase. produced a non-stop athletic feeling, intriguing the audience to watch each intricate movement of these four bodies on stage. Following Just a phase. was a dynamic video of the Fusion company members dancing in the studio. Videographer Lexy Patrylak and video editor Jackie Kokolus captured a combination of abrupt pedestrian and intense technical movements complimented by a driving soundtrack. Three similar videos were shown throughout the program, as preparation for the concert closer, interreaction.

Fusion 2, the pre-professional group of seven young women took the stage three separate times during this concert. Fast Forward, Rewind, Pause displayed strength and endurance. Working towards embodying the Fusion company aesthetic, this young company of girls compliment each other well in the space, creating a unified group of performers. Fusion 2 re-entered the stage in the second half with Soul: inerrupted. Choreographed by owner Kristi McInerney, this fierce piece conveyed a sense of attack and commitment to the challenging movement.

Fusion Dance Company members use this concert to showcase their performance talent, but they use it as a medium for their choreographic talents as well. The owner of the two companies, Kristi McInerney, created one outstanding piece for Fusion 2. Every other one of the 16 pieces performed was under the direction and creative process of the Fusion company members themselves. Taking on the challenges of the creative process while also being engulfed in learning (and performing!) other choreographies demands passion, dedication, and drive, which is exactly what Fusion dance offered in this concert!

Jackie Kokolus’ four pieces of choreography were particularly memorable. Strong choreographic elements were first showcased in The Severe Conscience. Kokolus captured the audience with full commitment to the organic movement portrayed in this emotional solo piece. Dressed in a long, white nightgown her weighted movement represented an intense self-struggle to be strong. Following her solo work, Kokolus presented a group piece titled 5:4. This creative work seemed to be a further development of The Severe Conscience, with the dancers continuing to portray an emotional battle. Her two other pieces Unbound and Withdraw... were more upbeat in tone displaying her eclectic choreographic style.

Overall, this concert proved to be a heavy undertaking for Fusion Dance Company. Dedication and their true passion for dance made this collaborative concert an engaging experience for the audience. Though compelling, the program was so prolific that some dances seemed to get lost in the crowd. Fusion might have done better to select and expand a few “jewel” creations to produce a few more developed and memorable pieces