Rioult Dance NY

On Wednesday night RIOULT Dance NY took the stage at Lafayette College’s Williams Center for the Arts to showcase a trio of works entitled "Women on the Edge...Unsung Heroines Of The Trojan War". The three works included in the program each showcased women of Greek myth who throughout history have been marginalized and underrepresented, re-writing the story of the Trojan war with these heroines at the helm. Pascal Rioult, the company’s choreographer and artistic director, utilizes movements clearly inspired by his time with Martha Graham as well as additions of his own. His motifs seem to have a touch of inspiration from Nijinsky’s Ballet Russes to craft a choreographic style that merges the classic and contemporary world flawlessly. The costume and set design, while minimalistic, portrays the Grecian roots of the pieces without distracting from the shapes and movements of the dancer’s bodies. Rioult’s thematic focus on the unrepresented heroines of classic Greek myth constructs a commentary on the continued marginalization of women, the heroic virtues that have gone overlooked in a male dominated society, and the cyclical nature of violence and oppression that our society still finds itself facing today though the narrative arc of the three pieces.

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