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Join us for open masterclasses & workshops with some of the industries most sought out teaching artists, choreographers, directors, and dancers. It is part of our mission to facilitate accessible and high quality training opportunitiesfor the dance community in the Lehigh Valley region.

STAYCEE PEARL dance project
Sun. Nov 5
10am - 12pm
Steinbright Hall dance studio
Cedar Crest College
intermediate/advanced level open to ages 14+
Inquires & Registration: lehighvalleydanceexchange@gmail.com


STAYCEE PEARL dance project's (SPdp) PhraseWorks is a mixed-genre dance class starting with emphasis on body/mind connection and awareness, efficient anatomical connections, and appropriate use of traditional technical forms. Emphasis is placed on creating space and mobility in the joints with the outcome of effortless length and strength in the body, allowing for expansive risk taking through space. We then learn phrases developed for specific SPdp projects. This weeks class will feature phrases from our most recent work, ABBEY: In The Red.

Teaching Artist Archive:

David Leventhal - Dance for PD introductory workshop series, Antonio Brown, Sammy Reyes, Gregory Dolbashian, TAra Madsen Robbins, Sarah Carlson, Brandon Girouard, Jessica Warchal-King, Sidra Bell, Keith Thompson, Sarah Parker, Shana Simmons, Alyce Finwall